Supercomputers running on graphics processors

Studying turbulence is extremely important and difficult for many fields of engineering such as air flow past wind turbines or jet engines. Understanding it in a better way would allow engineers to design more efficiently. Current models of turbulence in engineering often rely upon ‘empirical’ relationships based on previous observations to predict what will happen, rather than a full understanding of the underlying physics. Researches used supercomputers running simulations on graphics processors developed for gaming to solve longstanding turbulence question. The average behaviour of the fluid response is determined by simulating the myriad smaller responses within the fluid. Researches used supercomputers to run thousands of turbulent flow simulations, each requiring billions of calculations to complete. Researches were able to determine the exact parameters that describe how the disturbance dissipates in the flow and determined various requirements that empirical turbulence models must satisfy with these simulation.

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